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Here Magazine is available for free to tourists and residents alike and easy to find in ALL HOTELS in Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze Proper and Downtown Pensacola. Here is also distributed to 250+ Rental Condos on Pensacola Beach and can be found in other high traffic areas such as, bars, restaurants, retail shops, etc...


Here Magazine is a unique monthly publication intended to tie together both Pensacola Beach and Downtown Pensacola. With an easy to read format, Here Magazine will serve as the go-to Traveler's Guide to our amazing city and everything it has to offer.  Here Magazine is a "Flip" style book, meaning that one side is for downtown, flip it over and the other side is for the beach.


Unlike most area publications, Here Magazine is void of any commentary and opinion. Here Magazine is dedicated to providing a positive spotlight on the people, establishments and events that make our hometown so very special

Our Current issue




An easy, one-glance look at downtown and the beach which includes an area map, almanac information as well as any other pertinent

info for the area.

Eat Here


A monthly featured restaurant which includes a short bio about the owner or chef and a list of any menu specials for the month. Also will include the names, locations and food types of other local area restaurants.

Drink Here


A monthly featured bar or nightclub which includes a short bio about the owner or bartender and a list of any drink specials or events for the month. Also will include the name and locations of other area bars and nightclubs.

Listen Here


A monthly featured local musician or band which includes a short bio along with any shows for the month that they would like to promote. Also will include a live music schedule of area venues for the month.

Play/Learn Here


A monthly featured kid-friendly event including a short bio of the curator or facility. We will also include any other kid-friendly events for the month.

Shop Here


A monthly featured local business which includes a short bio about the owner or manager as well as any sales that are happening that month. Also will include the names, location and business type of other local area retailers.

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